Fischer Family Farms, LLC

Nubian Dairy Goats for Show and Milk

Foundation Nubian Goats

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Buck (male)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
CLARION Aslan Nubian Buck (male) BLACK WITH CREAM TRIM 2 yrs Not for Sale
Jacobs Pride Finest Pecan Ever Nubian Buck (male) Solid Black with solid ears 7 yrs Not for Sale
LAKESHORE BLUE VERSACE Nubian Buck (male) Not for Sale
LAKESHORE MILO Maverick Nubian Buck (male) RED WITH BLK POINTS 2 yrs Not for Sale
M's Sagebrush 4BSBR Santiago Nubian Buck (male) Black, white poll, frosted ears 3 yrs Not for Sale
M's Sagebrush Calgary Flint Nubian Buck (male) Frosted Brown, Black Trim 3 yrs Not for Sale


Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Reference: CH Kastdemur's City Slicker Nubian Buck (male) Black, tan trim, white splashes Deceased
Reference: Fischer FF El Dorado Nubian Buck (male) Tan and white with frosted ears Deceased
Reference: My Buddy's SS King of Hearts Nubian Buck (male) Reddish brown with white splashes Deceased